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Understanding Baja Wine Growing Areas

There are around seven valleys that I have heard winemakers in Baja speak about, however there are five valleys that stand out for their quality and are most frequently used.



For those who are unfamiliar with the acronyms in the title, BTG is a wine industry term for "By the Glass". BTG refers to a wholesale price generally between $5-$16, which can be sold by the glass at a restaurant due to their less expensive price point. DTC or “Direct to Consumer” refers to wine sales where the consumer buys directly from the winery. DTC sales generally come in the form of purchases at the winery’s physical location, online sales or wine club membership sales.


Great Things on the Horizon for Baja in 2021!

During mid-October 2020, I was fortunate enough to have the titles of "Official Tour Guide, Boom Mic Operator, Lighting Assistant & Logistics Coordinator" bestowed upon me by my good friend Vince Anter of "V is for Vino" for the Ensenada episode that will be on Season Three of the show. V is for Vino is the #1 streaming wine, food & travel show that incorporates an incredible educational perspective. The show gives the consumer a great overview and some in depth coverage of exciting travel destinations around the world.


What Makes the Valle de Guadalupe Special?

Valle de Guadalupe or VDG for short, is located in the Municipality of Ensenada Baja California, Mexico. It is approximately one hour south of the United States Mexico International Border in San Diego. Comparatively, San Diego’s most known wine region is Temecula which is approximately an hour north of the border. However, the experiences you get in VDG and Temecula are quite different.