Cava Vintango - A Wine Tour in the Valle de Guadalupe

In this short video, we visit JoAnn Knox who is the Owner and Winemaker of Cava Vintango. JoAnn talks about the origins of this winery and her wine making philosophy. Cava Vintango is known for making bold Napa-Style red wines. Cava Vintango is located in the oldest standing house in the Valle de Guadalupe. While you're sipping wine, check out the art gallery featuring local Baja California artists.

Wine Reviews

Two New Small Family Owned Wineries for The Grape Underground in 2021.

I am constantly searching for unique small production wineries to showcase at The Grape Underground’s wine dinners and tasting events in San Diego. I have recently started working with Metrick Wines in Santa Barbara and Zichichi Family Vineyards in Sonoma.


Understanding Baja Wine Growing Areas

There are around seven valleys that I have heard winemakers in Baja speak about, however there are five valleys that stand out for their quality and are most frequently used.